Greater Fremont Survey 2024

Your feedback about our community will help guide our efforts. So please take the survey and share your voice to be part of our community’s future.”

We Need Your Feedback

Welcome to Greater Fremont, where team members from multiple industries, community sectors and resident groups are setting out on a journey to bring people together and build a community of excellence for the future. 

Please take the survey below.

Greater Fremont Survey Form

The Survey form is open from Feb 5th through March 5th.

Greater Fremont Survey 2024
Do you live in 43420 zip code area?

As of today, do you have one person you think of as your personal doctor/health care provider?
As of today, do you have the opportunities to get the education needed to be successful for your dream job?
(i.e.: training, resume, certificate/degree completion, etc.)
As of today, are you concerned with the appearance of your neighborhood?
(i.e.: overgrown lots, broken streetlights, abandoned vehicles or buildings, etc.)
As of today, do you struggle finding housing?
As of today, do you struggle to cover essential bills for shelter, rent, utilities, or food?

Demographic Information

Demographic information is being collected to gain insight from individuals and groups who represent the community. This information will not identify you personally nor be tracked for any other purposes beyond this survey. All demographic responses are optional to provide.
Please select your age range:
Please select your annual household income
Please select your race or ethnicity:
Please select your gender:


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